Motivate and educate your sales org with a Salesforce dashboard from AppInsights.


Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool in its capacities as a CRM, opportunity tracker, and all around sales swiss army knife.  But are you getting the most out of the data generated by your hard working sales team?  With our Salesforce integration, you’ll have easy access to the KPIs you need to accurately understand sales trends and identify ideal avenues for growth.

What can I accomplish with a Salesforce dashboard?

  • Easily distribute sales KPIs across your entire org with a live share-link URL or scheduled reports so your team always has clarity on progress towards monthly or annual goals
  • Customize the structure of your dashboards to track both company and individual sales progress for a healthy sense of competition among your team
  • Use AppInsights to query your Salesforce instance for access to custom metrics or reports that are unique to your growth funnel
  • Correlate metrics from your Salesforce deployment with KPIs from other tools that impact your sales funnel, from user engagement trackers to email automation tool






Leads Count

Accounts Count

Tasks Count

Opportunities Amount

Campaigns Leaderboard

Custom Table Query

and more...

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