Stay on top of your projects with a JIRA dashboard from AppInsights.


Get updates fast through real-time JIRA dashboard. Connect your JIRA account to AppInsights and use the JIRA queries to power clear and powerful visualizations on the progress on your projects and your team members. Track your progress through the entire product cycle and get updates instantly. Get a holistic view on your projects by adding in metrics from Github and Google Calendars and gain deeper insight into your teams processes. AppInsights updates your data automatically and can even save historic data so you can compare performance over time. 

What can you track on an AppInsights dashboard?

  • Create Custom Tables
  • Leaderboards
  • Line Graphs
  • Dials
  • Fill Up Bars
  • and more...

Find out how easy it is to gather and understand your most important metrics when you sign up for a free AppInsights trial.